Website Design for Sole Practitioner Attorneys

Sole practitioners have a lot on their dockets without having to add website design to their case loads. With ten years of experience designing websites, Law Firm Web Design knows that your time is valuable. That’s why we take special care to dot the “i’s” in your website design so that you don’t have to.

What can Law Firm Website Design do for you?

Create a Sharp, Professional Law Firm Web Design

Of course, the starting point is creating a sleek, professional site that will convey your authority and stand out from the crowd. Our experienced law firm website design team will create a beautifully fashioned website that will help take the first step towards instilling trust in your future clients. Whether you need a Javascript web banner to create eye-catching graphics on your home page or customized templates to create a unique look to your site, Law Firm Website Design can deliver for you. PHP, C#, ASP.NET, VB or Java—we are fluent in them all and can mold them to your needs.

Help Sharpen Your Cyber Brand Identity

When you are competing with large firms with dozens of lawyers, you will have to depend on your brand identity to help you differentiate yourself from other sole practitioners. Your website needs to be an extension of your brand and needs to convey that image on every page. At Law Firm Web Design we can help you to sharpen this online identity and to project it in everything from the logos we can design for you to the images you choose to let us display on your website.

Increase Your Visibility on Search Engines and Social Media

All of this work, however, will only help drive new clients to you if they can find your website in the first place. That is why we have developed a specialized version of what we term “lawyer SEO” (Search Engine Optimization especially for lawyers), that helps your law firm website be found when potential local clients search for your kind of law practice. This combination of attorney Search Engine Optimization with Geo-Targeting proves to be a powerful formula for netting new clients for your firm.

Our law website design programmers do this by mixing your Lawyer SEO right into the coding and content of your site so that when the Google Bot (Google’s website page indexer) comes across your pages they find them easy to navigate and understand, and thus easier to place within search results. In addition, we also help create links to your site so that not only do you get new visitors on a regular basis but Google values your site more strongly and thus ranks your pages higher search engine results pages than it would otherwise do.

And to top it off, we can also increase your social media presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook, while at the same time registering your site with other search directories which will send you visitors in need of your services.

Content Management Services

If you choose a dynamic website design for your practice’s web pages, we can design a WordPress website that allows you easily create, alter or delete pages as you see fit. This makes it easy for you to amend your bio with new accomplishments, indicate changes in packages or procedures, and maintain your own personal blog so that you increase your visibility in the profession.

In addition, if your busy schedule makes it difficult or impossible for you to create your own content, you can hire a professional legal content writer through us. This writer can help you to not only present the content for your website in a clear, compelling and professional manner, but also help you maintain your blog, write press releases subtly promoting your law firm and its achievements and even updating your social media outlets through posts and tweets.

In effect, it would be like having your own professional author on retainer to make sure that all of your professional communications are transmitted in an articulate and graceful manner.

Reputation Polishing

Finally, if your online reputation has been tarnished for whatever reason, our reputation polishing services we can mitigate the negative impact of any negative publicity you may have received by creating positive publicity of our own. Through a combination of article marketing and press releases, we can either push the negative postings down on Search Engine Results Pages, or at least surround them with positive counterweights so that you have witnesses in your defense as well.

Regardless of your web needs, Law Firm Website Design can fulfill them. We know that you have better things to do than tinker with your website, so if you allow us to be your law firm website design representative, we will work as hard for you as we know you do for your clients.