Web Design

Law firm marketing and law firm website design are paramount to effective lawyer advertising and have been proven as methods to increase attorney leads, and new customer acquisition. The first thing a customer sees when visiting your site is your law firm website marketing and the very next is the lawyer web design. Making sure to hire an experienced law firm website marketing and design professional will increase your chances of capturing new business leads from your attorney website design.

Our Law Firm Marketing and Design Philosophy

At Law Firm Web Design we don’t believe that just because you paid a reasonable rate for your law firm website design, that you should not get the best quality attorney website. At Law Firm Web Design we pride ourselves on providing top quality law firm website marketing and design at rates that any size law firm can afford.

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a 50+ lawyer law firm, you cannot afford to overlook the internet as one powerful source of your lawyer advertising campaign. Your law firm marketing should take full advantage of the web and its power to reach across geographical and cultural divides. If you want to create the kind of law firm website design that you will be proud to show your clients and that will become a well-oiled lead generation machine, then you must have a top law firm website design and marketing team.

These days, clients no longer reach for phone books when they are starting their search for a law professionals to handle their problems—they boot up their computers. Many in the younger generation don’t even have a LAN line or watch television. The new generation is a computer and cell-phoned based culture and as they become an increasing part of the adult workforce, the more the business world will have to adapt to keep up.

If you don’t want to be left behind, then now is the time to make sure that your law firm website design will become a dynamic part of your lawyer advertising campaign.

Our law firm marketing and design professionals can help your law firm find whole new clients by identifying and helping you connect with web niches that you would otherwise be unable to reach.

So how do we help create a top level law firm website design for your practice?

Solid and Effective Law Firm Website Design

Unlike some supposed law firm website design “professionals” who have just gotten their design degrees and have no experience in website design, Law Firm Web Design is a team of experienced professionals. Our programmers have many years of experience in website design and marketing, so that when we come to your law firm website design, we come to with a complete toolbox of programming strategies that we can apply.

Whether you need simply a static website, or whether you need a dynamic WordPress platform site that you can easily add to and alter to fit your needs, our web design team can help you get it up and running quickly and affordably. Our team is familiar with and experienced in all the major web design programming languages, from PhP, CSS, and Java to VB and ASP.NET. Regardless of what kind of look and functions you would like your law firm website design to embody, we know how to code it.

We can create a custom designed website with a unique logo that will help you to brand your practice and create a differentiating web presence to set you apart from the competition. We can help design individual web page templates which are both functional and embody the identity that you would like your law firm to project to the world.

Law Firm Website Marketing

But we do not just create attractive websites, we also apply the principles of search engine optimization to your website so that Google, Bing and Yahoo can find and categorize your site. Law firm website marketing is vital to the success of the online version of your practice since it is what makes your website searchable by web users. Without paying close attention to SEO, your website, no matter how beautiful, is likely to remain virtually invisible.

Our law firm website marketing team will make sure that your webpages are tagged, properly indexed, submitted to search engines and written with SEO in mind. We will research your niche field to uncover the most effective keywords by which users are searching for you website, design your website with these keywords in mind and, once your website is up and running, analyze your traffic to determine how your keywords and content can be better organized in order to reach your audience.