Web Design for Mid-size Law Firms

Mid-Sized Law Firm Website Design

As your law firm grows, having a state of law firm website design becomes increasingly important. Whereas a small one office law firm with a half dozen lawyers might be able to skate by with a basic cookie cutter website for a while, once you have multiple offices and dozens of lawyers, you need to make sure that your law firm website design grows with your practice.

What can Law Firm Website Design do for your mid-sized law firm?

Create an Attractive, High-Functioning Law Firm Website Design

Of course, it all starts with your law firm website design. In consultation with you, we will fashion a law firm website design that will be at once attractive and functional. Our experienced design team has mastered all of the major types of web programming from PHP, ASP.NET and C# to CSS, JAVA and VB. Regardless of the look or functionality you are looking for in your law firm web design we can provide it.

Our designers have been building high quality affordable business and law firm websites for over a decade and are ready to create the kind of professional law firm web design that clients expect and that your competitors will envy.

Reach New Clients with Law Firm SEO

Your law firm website design should be more than just an attractive website where you can direct your clients for basic information and communications, however. Your law firm web design should be geared towards attracting new clients to your practice and making sure that you have enough new business to keep all of your partners busy. That is why we use the tried and true methods of law firm SEO to create a lead-generating, client attracting internet machine for your business.

We do this by:

  • Applying On-Page Law Firm SEO Principles: We build Search Engine Opmtimization (SEO) right into the pages of your law firm web design, so that everything from your domain name to your keyword researched website content helps draw the attention of Google and the other search engines.
  • Applying Off-Page Law Firm SEO Principles: We also make sure to promote your website with the full power of the internet, creating links from website directories and other websites so that you are more visible to search engines, but also so that you gain new visitors through article and affiliate marketing as well.

These law firm web design techniques insure that your office continues to grow and prosper and that your online success compliments and adds to your overall campaigns and strategies.

Link Multiple Offices via One Website

The decision whether to have one law firm web design for each office (or even lawyer) can seem like a difficult one. You may want to create an individual feel for each practice in order to appeal to separate markets, but you may also want to make sure that your offices are able to effectively coordinate and to save money by streamlining functions and pages.

We can create a single website that manages your entire organizational structure without sacrificing the local flavors of individual offices. We do this by:

  • Geo-targeting Your Law Firm Web Design: If you want different pages on your website to target separate markets we can use law firm SEO techniques to create geo-targeted landing pages so that individuals who search for your specialties in specific geographical area will find web pages specifically crafted to appeal to their interests. Thus, if you want to emphasize entertainment law for web users in the LA area, but patent law for those in the Silicon Valley, we can craft landing pages targeted at those audiences rather than trying to have a one-size fits all approach.
  • Making Content Management User Friendly: In addition, we can also make it easier for individual offices to easily add pages to the website as needs may arise. We can install a user friendly Content Management System (CMS)–such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla—as your site platform so that even a fresh out of college paralegal can help to update your site content. These CMS’s can further be customized so that different users have different capabilities and password protected so that some users are allowed to see some pages while general users can only see public pages.
  • Creating Individual Attorney Web Pages: Making sure that you highlight the skills and accomplishments of your individual attorneys is not only important for making your attorneys’ happy, but also for making sure that your clients are aware of your practice’s capabilities and strengths. We can design individual pages for each of your attorneys so that not only their clients will be able to see the extent of their expertise but so they can help draw new business from web searchers as well.

These are just some of the law firm web design strategies that we can use to help you grow your practice. We strive to the be the best law firm website design firm in the country. Whether it is content management, reputation polishing, or behavioral retargeting, we are ready to put our team of web designers and marketers to work for your practice.