Take Charge of Your Law Practice Brand

A challenge many lawyers face is finding the balance between client work and growing a legal practice. How do you find the time to do both effectively?

One solution is to focus on attracting better clients, not just “more” clients.  This requires marketing from the inside out and resisting the temptation to begin marketing activities without first clarifying your personal brand.

A strong personal brand defines who you are, what you stand for and what differentiates you. It is the foundation for building your reputation, visibility and attracting the right clients.

A good way to get started on clarifying your personal brand is to answer the following questions:

–        Why are you in business?

–        Who are your best clients?

–        How do you provide value/differentiate yourself?

–        What do you do?

The following is an example from one of my clients, an estate planning attorney:

 Why: To make the future more positive for businesses and families.

 Who: Clients who want to plan for the continuation of a family business, and the transfer of wealth  and property to the next generation while keeping families intact.

 How. To guide decisions that benefit all of the stakeholders while securing the estate and the  future.

 What: Unequaled depth in estate planning and administration, and corporate law.

As result of defining his personal brand, the estate planning lawyer differentiated himself from other estate planning lawyers. He is known as the “go to” lawyer for high asset family owned businesses who value the successful transfer of wealth and keeping families intact.

His personal brand augments his law firm brand for helping business owners and families to protect important relationships, preserve wealth and plan for the future.

By first defining and then communicating your brand, you will attract clients who value what you do best (your core competency), pay your bills and tell others about how satisfied they are with your service.

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