Small Law Firm Web Design

A small law firm website design is vital to the success of a growing legal practice. Lawyers in small law firms take on many roles but given the amount of time effective law firm web promotion takes you should not make “law firm website designer” one of those roles. Let Law Firm Website Design being your legal web design representative to cyber-space. We can provide your law practice with the services it needs to grow and succeed in this increasingly competitive online market.

What can we offer your law firm?

A Sleek, Professional Looking Small Law Firm Website Design

It all begins, of course with the actual law firm website design that is both affordable while remaining compelling. We will put our ten years of website design experience to work for your practice creating a website design that highlights the strengths of your law practice and helps begin to establish your online brand. Having a website is no longer just an option for businesses nor should it just be the equivalent of your business card online.

Your small firm website design should be a high functioning promotional vehicle that reaches potential clients where they live and that acts as a slick advertisement for your services. That means making sure that your website is attractive, well-written and optimized to reach your intended audience.

Attorney Search Engine Marketing

Our dedicated Attorney Search Engine Marketing will help you to reach new clients. The key to having a successful cyber face to your law practice is reaching your potential clients where they live through Search Engine Optimization. SEO has two versions:

  • On Page SEO: On-Page SEO is what you do on your website. When done correctly On-Page SEO makes it easier for search engine indexers like the Google Bot to read and properly categorize your pages so that users can find your website.
    • Keyword Research: the starting point for SEO should always be carefully thought out keyword research. Keywords–the words and phrases internet user employ to find your find topics on the internet—are what allow you to reach your potential clients. The Google Bot will look for these words in your website content, but the extent to which you can help them locate these words, the better positioned you website will be.
    • HTML Tagging and Clear Linking: One way to help Google find and categorize your website pages is to make sure that its underlying architecture is clear and logical. You do this by tagging your pages with the keywords that you are optimizing your site with, by linking clearly between pages, and by having a sitemap that will make it easier to get your pages indexed.
    • Optimizing Content: In addition, you also want to make sure that your content is not only clear and has a professional tone, but that it too reinforces your attorney search engine optimization by using your keywords organically. This is a practice that is best left to professional legal content writers who excel at this kind of page optimization.
  • Off Page SEO: In addition to making sure that your legal web design is optimized for search engines, you will also want to optimize your Off-Page efforts. This basically means having a well thought out link-building campaign to compliment your small law firm website design:
    • Link Building: “Link Building” is the process by which you create in-bound links from other sites to both increase your inbound traffic and to improve your ranking. (The Google algorithm gives a great deal of weight to the number and quality of the incoming links you have to your website.)
    • Directory Listing: As part of your Off-Page campaign, you will also want to make sure that you get listed on local legal web directories, general search engines like the Yahoo! Directory and on legal directories specific to your area of expertise. We will make sure that you have the maximum amount of visibility in this regard.
    • Article Marketing: Having articles about your field of expertise on legal websites is also a useful way to both build your reputation and get new leads for your law practice. We can help you with this time consuming aspect of attorney SEO as well.

Other Forms of Small Law Firm Website Design and Promotion

Other than SEO, there are also a number of other services that can help the online version of your law firm reach new customers.

Be sure to ask us about:

  • Behavioral Retargeting
  • Pay Per Click for Small Law Firm Websites
  • Content Management Systems like WordPress
  • Blog and Press Release Creation and Distribution
  • Online Reputation and Repair
  • Law Firm Website Redesign