Search Engine Marketing

One of the best ways to get a sense of the importance of search engine marketing is to take a look at an SEO case study. So let’s take a look at how a well-organized search engine marketing campaign can help a typical law firm improve their practice.

Let’s say you started a law firm and as part of your business plan you created a website where you have a basic description of your practice, the associates and your office contact information. You got the site a few years ago and although you sometimes referred your customers to it at first, it really has become a bit of relic for you, part of your practice you barely even think about anymore.

But you speak to some former colleagues that opened practices at the same time you did and find that their law firm websites are integral parts their law firm marketing strategy. So you come to us and ask what kind of packages we have geared for marketing for attorneys. This is how we might help your practice take better advantage of the opportunities the web has to offer:

Step One: Targetting your Potential Clients

The first step would be do a bit of keyword research. That is the first step of lawyer SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”). This involves finding out which keywords (search terms) your potential clients are using to search for services like yours. How do we do this? Beyond obvious search terms, like “divorce attorney,” we will also take a look at some of your competitors’ websites and see which terms they have discovered and using all of those as a guide implement employ keyword research tools to determine which keywords will work best for your lawyer SEO.

Step Two: Website Design or Redesign

Once we have decided on some of your key search terms we will design (or redesign) your website. The easiest way to do this is often by creating a wholly new website. This gives you the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of design because it allows you, for one, to create a new, lawyer SEO friendly domain name. One of the most powerful opportunities you have to market your website is by choosing a domain name that actually contains words that your target audience will use to search for your services.

Take the domain name that we have chosen for our website, Right within our domain name we have included one of the key search terms we used to draw your business, “law firm website design”. These choices will help you cut through quite a bit of your competition who are choosing personal names. Even if you do choose a personal name, such as John Smith, by adding a keyword to it in your domain name you can increase your attractiveness to search engines like Google.

Other on-page search engine marketing techniques that we will apply to your website include making sure the link structure is clear and logical and that you have a sitemap (both help Google find and index your sites pages). We will also tag your site with your keywords and make sure that your content is similarly optimized so that Google, Yahoo and Bing will be able to categorize your site properly and know which search terms to use in categorizing your pages.

We can also install a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress as your site’s platform so that you can easily add and remove content to your site, allowing you not only to maintain a legal blog (should you choose) but also grow your site along with your practice, adding new associate pages and creating new landing pages for individual promotion campaigns.

Step Three: Search Engine Marketing Beyond the Basic Lawyer Website

Marketing for attorney’s websites however does stop at the pages associated with your domain name. Lawyer SEO also involves creating links back to your website from other sites. Link building, as it is known, helps to not only drive actual human visitors to your website but also to improve your PageRank—Google’s evaluation of your website’s relative importance in relation to other sites on the internet. A site with a strong PageRank improves its chances of ranking well for particular keywords it has targeted.

As part of this Off-Page lawyer SEO campaign we will make sure that you are listed on the major and specialized search directories, that your articles appear on important law websites and that you generally have a strong web presence.

You can even employ our web content creation team to write professional press releases as part of your Search Engine Marketing campaign.

With these measures in place, your website will no longer be a forgotten backwater of your practice but a whole new revenue stream as it brings in new clients and generally increases your profile on the internet.