Microsites for Law Firms

Law firm microsites are a largely overlooked way to garner more clients and boost law firm SEO. Much like creating niche specific landing pages on your central law firm websites, microsites allow you to create satellite law firm websites with a laser focus on specific client needs. Microsites are especially useful for large general practice law firms whose very size sometimes draws customers to choose smaller boutique websites because of these smaller firms’ specialization in specific niche fields.

What are law firm microsites?

Law firm microsites are smaller law firm websites used to focus on particular niche issues. These smaller law firm websites are different than your main site in that your main website should, ideally, be a larger website with many topic pages, blogs, and profiles for each of your lawyers etc. Microsites, on the other hand, are usually just a few pages long and cover a specific issue which potential clients may be looking to have addressed.

What are the advantages of law firm microsites?

What are the advantages of having law firm microsites instead of just one main website?

  • Greater Focus: As mentioned above, law firm microsites allow you to create a crystal clear focus around a particular niche topic. For example, if you have a general law website with many lawyers, you might have a harder time emphasizing your excellent work in liability law because visitors to your general practice website are not clicking on the correct links. Beyond addressing these issues on your main website, we can also create a microsite focusing specifically on liability law. In fact, you can even get granular and focus on liability law for bars and nightclubs on one microsite while another addresses liability law for doctor’s offices and medical related facilities.
  • More VisibilityAlthough you can certainly have individual pages on your central website that address individual needs for niche clients, these web pages sometimes will not rank high enough on search engines for web users to find them, which means that visitors to your main website will have to click to these pages when looking for another topic. Law firm microsites can help address these issues because they allow you to focus your entire microsite around reaching particular web searchers. A website with the domain name “liquorliabilitylaw.com” is at an immediate advantage over one with a general domain name such as “MacDonaldlawpractice.com.” This is because Google values the domain name highly in determining the relevance of a particular website. This is why boutique websites will often rank better for niche search terms than larger law firms—because their domain names contain the niche search terms right in them. Larger law firm websites cannot do this—but they can create law firm microsites that will.
  • Better for Law Firm SEO: Law firm microsites are also a good way to increase the rank of your central website because you can create backlinks to your main website. Link building is the critical factor in determining Pagerank, Google’s shorthand for your sites relative strength. Just as importantly however, because you have full control over your microsites, you can make sure that your microsites link with the right anchor text so that you can have an even more powerful impact on the benefit to your main website and make sure that traffic from these sites are driven to the landing pages focused on converting searchers into clients.

More about Law Firm Microsites

Having a number of these smaller law firm websites can have a crucial long term benefit for your business. After the initial set-up, the cost of maintaining these law firm microsites is minor, since most webhosts will charge you less than $10/month.

The benefits however will well outstrip these costs. These website will allow you to directly address a client’s concerns in a focused manner and then to either capture the client on your microsite or link him or her back to your central website.

In order to make sure the client understands that your websites are related, it is important to keep much of the same design parameters as on your larger law firm website. The similarity in template styles and in tone of address on both sites creates a sense of consistency—too sharp of a contrast in either and potential clients are likely to be turned away to competitor sites.

Law Firm Web Design can help launch your law firm microsites and to handle the creation of your law firm SEO so that that you draw web users who are ready to convert. In addition, our law firm content creation team can help insure that your microsites not only adhere to the standards of your legal firm but that they help you to convert your visitors into clients.

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