Lawyer Blogs

Law firm blogs are one of the least utilized tools for helping generate new leads and clients. An attorney blog allows a practice to reach out to potential clients and begin the trust building process before the first handshake has ever taken place. Law firm blogs allow practices to establish themselves as an authority in particular areas of law by demonstrating their expertise on a legal subject.

These days, clients begin educating themselves about their legal concerns by going online rather than to the library. Whether a client is considering a divorce or looking for a criminal defense attorney for his or her son or daughter, they are likely to turn to Google first. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, however, your law firm has to actively maintain a website blog that reaches these web users.

Law Firm Web Design can help you with all your attorney blog needs. Here’s how:

Law Firm CMS

The first step to creating a successful lawyer’s blog is having a user friendly web content creation platform (a law firm CMS) so that you can write and post your content to your website quickly and without any kind of technical hassles. (Of course, if you do not have a website, we can create one for you.)

A CMS is a Content Management System. A law firm CMS is what allows you to add or alter pages on your website without having to have much technical expertise in web design. Law Firm Web Design can install a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla as your websites platform making blog creation easy.

A law firm CMS such as WordPress allows you create and manage web pages and blogs not only for your website overall but for any or all of the attorneys in your practice. That means that even if you have one hundred attorneys, each of them can create and post to their individual blogs, adding not only written content but photos, polls and other kinds of interactive content that will help draw traffic and new clients to your website.

If, for example, you are a divorce law firm that focuses on protecting doctors from frivolous law suits, you can maintain a blog where you post positive comments from doctors who you have successfully protected. Or if your practice has a large class action law suit in progress with hundreds of litigants, you can keep the individuals who you are representing informed by creating a private blog that only those with an individual password can access.

A secure and easy to use Law Firm CMS can make a huge difference for helping to accelerate the growth of a law practice.

Attorney Blog Content Creation

If you are simply too busy to create content for your attorney blog and do not have a law intern or legal secretary with the writing ability and knowledge of your practice to maintain your blog, you can take advantage of our Legal Content Creation team. Our Legal Content Creation team is made up of professional writers who both know how to write for the web and have legal content creation experience. In many cases they are former or current law students or legal secretaries. They can learn about your company, consult with you about your goals for the lawyer’s blog, and design blog posts that help you to reach new clients.

Our writers can help your law firm promote itself by emphasizing your successes, mitigating any bad press you may incur by offering your clarification of any accusations that may be floating in cyberspace and generally increasing your web presence. In addition, our writers are experts at creating lawyer’s blog posts that speak to your clients in a language that helps them to understand what your law firm can offer them and why it is important to take legal action to defend their legal and monetary rights and privileges.

Lawyer’s Blog Optimization

If you would like help writing your own blog, we can help you with your keyword research or in analyzing competing law firm blog strategies so that you can uncover legal niches you might otherwise miss. We can also help you discover SEO writing and tagging strategies that will help your blog become more prominent on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

SEO for Law Firm Blogs

Of course you can leave the SEO completely to use with our Legal Content Creation service. We can analyze your clients’ strategies, do our own keyword strategy in consultation with your law firm and help to create the kind of attorney blog posts that will help reach your clients.

Article Marketing and Other Attorney Blog Help

Our Legal Content Creation service can also help you with other forms of web content such as Article Marketing and Press Release generation and distribution. Be sure to check these out by looking on the Home Page under the appropriate links.