Law Firm Website Redesign

Has your website brought your practice any new leads lately? Does your website look dusty and old compared to those of your competitor’s? Is your website little more than an online business card where clients can look up your phone number? Does your website even come up when you Google your field of expertise?

If your website is more than five years old, chances are that it is fairly outdated and no longer serving much of a useful function. In addition, if your website is not being seen by Google and the other search engines and clients can’t even find your website unless they actually plug in your internet address—you are definitely losing out on a major revenue stream.

These days, the internet is a crucial part of any businesses success. Clients in this millennium go online instead of going to their phone books. (In fact, many clients don’t even own phone books anymore.)

If your website is not producing any new clients for your practice, this is a good sign that it is high time for a law firm website redesign. A website redesign will help to make your practice’s website into a dynamic source for new clients.

How will a law firm website redesign help draw new clients to your law practice?

By Making Your Site More Visible Online

By using the tried and true techniques of SEO for law firms, Law Firm Web Design can make your site far more prominent on the internet than it currently is. We will begin by redesigning your site so that its very architecture is clearer and more easily understood by automated search indexers like the Googlebot. Among the steps in this process are designing clear and logical link structures, creating an easy to find sitemap, and making sure that your law firm website redesign does not scare away indexers by using clunky programs like Flash. (All these techniques, by the way, are also the same techniques that make sites user-friendly for human visitors as well.)

In addition, we will make sure that we use SEO for law firms to optimize your site content via keyword research so that Google and the other search engines properly index your pages for web users. We will use meta-tags to emphasize this for the search engines and optimize your content appropriately as well.

Promoting Your Law Firm Website via Off-Page SEO

We will also apply the same SEO for law firm’s principles to your off-page site promotion. We will create links from other related law websites through traditional link building strategies, article marketing and press release creation and distribution.

Our Content Creation Team will not only write the core pages of your website, but should you choose, our content creation services can also be applied to all of your promotional activities including article and press release writing and blog writing services specialized for attorney websites.

Geo-targeting Web-Users

In addition, we can help to target clients who are in your geographical area so that they will be more likely to find your services. We do this by creating specific landing pages for those clients that search for your services in a particular vicinity.

The same kind of specialized targeting can be created to reach customers searching for your services using particular search terms so that, for example, you could send those searching for “Divorce for Women” to one page, while those who search for “Divorce for Men” might be directed to another.

Content Management

As part of your law firm website redesign, we can also install a user-friendly Content Management System so that you can easily add or delete pages to or from your law firm website, or edit the existing pages to meet particular needs. A Content Management System like Wordrpress allows you to have full editorial control of your own website without spending hours learning how to program and design webpages. In effect, you could edit the pages of your website, maintain your own blog, add pages for individual lawyers or otherwise change your website without ever having to call a professional web programmer.

Start off on a new Foot

Finally, a law firm website redesign can help signal that your law firm is starting a new phase of existence. If you are looking to take that next step in your law firm’s evolution, a good way to begin rebranding your practice is through a thorough law firm website redesign, where you completely update the look of your website.

As part of this branding you might also consider creating a new logo for your practice. Our logo creation service can help you to find an attractive online emblem for your law practice, so that clients can come to associate your practice with your logo.